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Aukey LT-T6, multicolor LED lamp for the right atmosphere in any room

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Aukey LT-T6 a lamp for the home that enhances any room thanks to its modern and minimal design that goes well with any decor. The strong point, as our editorial team that has been able to test it for a few days, has been able to vary the color through some touch controls, thus passing from warm colors to colder shades based on the context.

Aukey LT-T6

Com done

The lamp arrives at home well packed inside a box and protected at the two ends by two polystyrene inserts. Cylindrical in shape, 21 centimeters high and 10 centimeters in diameter. And entirely in good quality plastic, except for the base (5.7 cm high), covered in brushed aluminum whose color reminds that of the MacBook's unibody shell.

What strikes the simplicity of the lamp which, in fact, is not equipped with any button. There is a slot, located just below the Aukey brand printed on the front, which embraces the LED indicating the modes of use which we will discuss later: on the back, instead, the hole for connecting the power supply.

At the base there is a rubber ring that avoids the direct contact of the plastic of the bottom with the support surface, thus avoiding scratching tables, bedside tables or desks on which it is decided to place it.

How does it work

As anticipated, it is checked simply by touching the aluminum area at any point. And in fact here is the touch control that allows you to turn on, off and adjust some functions of the lamp.

The single touch turns on the light at low intensity, another touch increases the power at medium intensity and a third touch brings it to maximum brightness. One more touch will turn off the lamp. In this mode, the color temperature of the light is very warm and welcoming, around 2900-3100K, perfect for illuminating a room at dusk or a bedroom on waking up or before going to bed.

Aukey LT-T6

The user manual informs us that in this state the consumption of 6W, and at maximum brightness the luminous flux equal to 450 lumens. Even in this condition it is possible to look directly at the lamp without being dazzled, thanks to the anti-ghosting layer that covers the entire lamp precisely to avoid eye discomfort.

In addition to the classic light, the lamp can offer colored lighting simply by turning it on through the prolonged touch (about 2 seconds) on the same area: as soon as it is turned on, the lamp will light up an intense red and gradually turn orange and yellow, passing then for green, blue, purple and pink shades, up to go back to red and start the cycle again, for a total of 256 colors.

The transition between one coloring and the other quite slow, a complete cycle takes around 15-20 seconds, but it is also possible to block the lighting to a particular color with a single touch of the lamp, which will pause the cycle: a further touch will restart the animation, thus allowing you to choose another color or, if you wish, allow the color to change automatically to infinity.

In the color mode, the lamp consumes 3W, this is because – as we read in the manual – 9 LEDs are used instead of all 15 LEDs that the lamp uses instead to offer illumination with the main light which, in fact, at maximum power, very stronger. When colored, in fact, lighting similar to that of medium power white light, therefore not sufficiently strong to illuminate a large room but more than enough to offer a light point at a corner of the house that you want to embellish with a particular color.


For design and functionality an excellent lamp to be placed in any environment. It is easy to use and responds very well to controls. In our opinion, the sensor perhaps too sensitive to touch: using it on the bedside table we happened to, touching it with the blanket, to activate the light inadvertently, suggesting that we move it away to the outside corner in order to avoid turning it on suddenly in the middle of the night.

The weight, of about 680 grams, combined with the rubber ring on the bottom, makes it very stable even on the smoothest surfaces, preventing it from slipping away and falling ruinously to the ground following a small impact.


– Easy to use – Three different intensities of white light illumination – Possibility to change color automatically or choose a fixed one – Minimal design, it goes well with any environment


– The very sensitive touch controller

Retail price

Aukey LT-T6 on sale on Amazon for 28.99 euros.

Aukey LT-T6