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Audiko, iPhone ringtones for everyone

We recently explained to our readers how to customize an iPhone ringtone, using Garage Band, the music editing program contained in the iLife suite.

Not all iPhone owners also have a Mac, a necessary condition to be able to take advantage of Garage Band. How then can PC owners do, for example? For them there is the comfortable Audiko, an online service that allows you to easily create a personalized ringtone.

Just go to and upload your own mp3 online. Once the upload has been carried out, it will be possible to choose the piece of song to be transformed into a ringtone and select fade-in and / or fade-out.

Once the details have been chosen, the ringtone is created, which is then available on the following pages, to be downloaded for iPhone, for other phones or to be kept on the desktop. The ringtones will remain on the portal available to all or can be shared via social networks.Audiko therefore a very useful service, accessible by all iPhone owners.

Credit to Thomas Loesch for reporting.