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Apple works on a Siri speaker with HomeKit similar to Amazon Echo

According to Bloomberg, Apple has completed the development of a Siri speaker that recalls Amazon's Echo and with which – thanks to the voice assistant – it should be possible to control devices for the smart home. The project, started more than two years ago, would have left the research and development phase and now in the prototype testing phase.

Similar to Amazon's Echo, Apple's Siri speaker would allow the user to check appliance of various kinds, locks, lights, curtains and so on, using the voice. The project has not yet been completed and has not been known if and when it will actually arrive on the market. The existence of this project would also have been a surprise for Apple engineers who meanwhile work on competing projects.

In May of this year, rumors of an Apple device circulating against the Amazon Echo; among the alleged functions reported at the time: the integration of a camera (to recognize the users' face), microphone and speaker with advanced audio technologies. A video camera for scanning the faces would allow the device to recognize users when entering the room, activating preferences based on it, such as adjusting the lights according to personal tastes, accessing music playlists, or starting a music track in particular.

The AppleInsider site risks hypotheses, imagining the integration into the Siri speaker of the first Apple W1 processor (the one seen on AirPods), a low-consumption wireless chip that could be used to simplify setup procedures. The new accessory will likely work in conjunction with Apple TV and will certainly require approval by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the United States' Federal Communications Commission.

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