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Apple releases iOS 7.1: here are all the news | Don't update if you want …


Here are all the news of iOS 7.1, available for download now. If you want jailbreak, do NOT update absolutely

Great news for Apple users: available for download iOS 7.1 for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Those who want the jailbreak MUST NOT update.

Applehas recently publicly released version 7.1 of the iOS operating system foriPhone, iPad and iPod Touchcompatible.

Among the main novelties we find full support for CarPlay technology, presented only a few days ago:


Here is the official changelog of iOS 7.1

CarPlayThe iOS experience now designed to be experienced in the car.Just connect the iPhone to a vehicle with integrated CarPlay.CarPlay supports third-party Phone, Music, Maps, Messages and audio apps.Control via Siri, touchscreen, knobs adjustment buttons and buttons.

SiriManually control when Siri listens to you by holding down the Home button as you speak and releasing it when you're done. Alternatively, let Siri automatically recognize you when you are finished speaking. New and more natural male and female voices for Mandarin Chinese, English (UK, Australia) and Japanese.

iTunes RadioCreate stations based on the artist or song you prefer with ease thanks to the search field located above the stations in the foreground. Purchase albums simply by pressing a button in the Now playing section. Subscribe to iTunes Match on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to listen to iTunes Radio without advertising content.

CalendarOption to view events in month view. Country specific holidays automatically added for numerous countries.

accessibilityThe bold font option can be applied to the keyboard, calculator and several glyph icons. The Reduce Motion option can be applied to weather, messages and multitasking user interface animations. New options to display the shape of the buttons, darken the colors. apps and reduce the white point.

Camera features a new configuration for automatically enabling HDR with iPhone 5s. ICloud keychain supported in additional countries. Automatic clearing of FaceTime call notifications when you answer on another device. Resolving an error that in some cases could cause the blocking on the Home screen.Improved Touch ID fingerprint recognition.Improved iPhone performance 4.Resolved an error in the identifier of the unread message identifier of Mail for numbers greater than 10,000.Improved user interface.

As said, those who want the Jailbreak must absolutely not update to iOS 7.1 because this update blocks the jailbreak. We will update you as soon as we have more details about it.

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