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Apple purifies the water to cool the Oregon data center

Apple has agreed to build a treatment plant at its expense that will allow the reuse of the water used in the cooling systems of its mega data center in Oregon. The micro-hydroelectric system in question uses turbines that exploit the natural energy generated by the existing channels, without changing the ecosystem: it also recycles the waste water from the sewage system of the city of Prineville, where the Apple data center is located.

The treatment plant can also be used by other companies for new data centers or structures of different types which, by virtue of the presence of the treatment system, could be tempted to work in Prineville. The mayor of the city talks about a project with advantages for both Apple and the city itself. Not given to know how much the cost of building the plant will amount but we are talking about millions of dollars.

Recycled water will come from wastewater treatment systems, allowing more efficient reuse since up to now it has only been used for the maintenance of city golf courses, for use in pastures or channeled towards the Crooked River. It will be a state-of-the-art plant, capable of converting the waste water subjected to treatment into drinking water, even if the latter will not be introduced into the system to serve the houses but used exclusively for industrial or agricultural purposes.

For the cooling systems of the suodata center in Oregon, Apple uses a lot of water: 27 million gallons last year according to estimates by the city of Prineville. In the Crook County town of Apple, Apple has a large data center, facilities that occupy an area of ​​43 hectares on a property of over 64 hectares). Apple's data centers are used to store iCloud data, photos, movies, videos, manage features for streaming music, calls with FaceTime, communications with iMessage and more.

Facebook also has its own data centers in Prineville and last year used 10.5 million gallons of water to cool the data centers. The state of Oregon and in particular Prineville have been chosen by IT giants to install large data centers for low-cost energy availability but also for tax breaks approved by the state senate. Since taking office, Apple has been working to improve the water system of Prineville: in 2012 an underground water flow was discovered for which test wells were created: with the help of Apple they were transformed into wells for the extraction of water.

data center in Oregon appleThe Apple data center in Prineville (Oregon)