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Apple, Ericsson and Sun: the official statement from Apple

Thanks to the trump cards of the three advocates, Apple's leadership in content creation, Sun's know-how in distribution and Ericsson's experience in wireless infrastructure, the newly born "Ericsson Content Delivery Solution" is expanding wildly on the market media streaming, opening new distribution channels to content providers.

This standards-based solution is an end-to-end platform that includes: Apple's QuickTime for content creation and coding; Sun's reliable and scalable software and systems for Ericsson's distribution and ability to provide mobile operators with an exhaustive solution of services and infrastructure.

"The 'Content Delivery Solution' will usher in new revenue streams for operators by providing users with high-quality multimedia services, such as video clips and the latest on-demand news," said Torbjrn Nilsson, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Business Development. for Ericsson. "Cooperation with Apple and Sun ensures the availability of multimedia content and therefore represents an important meeting point between the media sector and the mobile community."

Apple, Ericsson and Sun are convinced that open standards represent a basic element in bringing revolutionary technologies to new markets and giving voice to the future of mobile data services. The three companies are industry leaders in the field of development and use open standards.Ericsson one of the founding members of 3GPP, while Apple and Sun are co-founders of ISMA (Internet Streaming Media Alliance). Both 3GPP and ISMA are organizations that aim to ensure the presence on the market of products. and interoperable, standards-based technologies. In addition, QuickTime was chosen by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as the file format for MPEG-4.

"Working with Ericsson and Sun is a perfect example of how using open standards can bring powerful technologies to consumers and open new markets," said Philip Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing. "We were very pleased that Ericsson chose QuickTime for its 'Content Delivery Solution'. QuickTime widely used by content developers and Mac the most popular platform within the creative community."

β€œThe market for the distribution of contents in continuous and rapid expansion; this is why it requires open, industry-leading and immediately scalable systems, and these systems are the heart of Sun's business, "said Ann Wettersten, Vice President of Wireless and Content Delivery Networks Group for Sun." We are delighted to partner with Apple and Ericsson to implement a project that will enable the distribution of rich media services, capable of promoting a lifestyle based on wireless. "