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Adobe PageMaker 7 earns its first upgrade.

Adobe PageMaker 7 earns its first upgrade. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The updater resolves some structural flaws that could lead to the sudden closure of the application in some cases. Furthermore, a series of malfunctions regarding the import of old file formats and export to PDF are accommodated. It also improves, as far as possible, the management of the always rough Word and Excel documents, a painful thorn in the side for those who deal with DTP. Someone would like to know that the problem of the Euro character was corrected, which was replaced when creating a PDF file or using an Adobe PostScript virtual printer. Some users complained of even more bizarre behaviors, by PageMaker, after the application of the updater, so if the impatience to have the latest version available should prevail over prudence, we suggest an appropriate preventive backup.

The update can be downloaded directly from here.

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