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5 × 3 for Office 2001, last days

5×3 for Office 2001, last days – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Those who are thinking of purchasing Office 2001 have, even for a few days, an interesting opportunity: 5 licenses at the price of 3 The initiative, promoted by the Italian branch of Microsoft, therefore allows you to equip, thanks to the five packages at the cost of only three, small and medium offices obtaining in fact two free licenses for a discount that is close to a thousand euros. This offer is accessible through the opening of an EasyOpen contract or as a reorganization within an already active EasyOpen contract. Easy Open the licensing solution Microsoft designed for the needs of small businesses and professional firms, which combines the convenience of Open License with the utmost simplicity of procedures, bringing even the smallest realities closer to Microsoft licensing programs. Note that once the contract has been signed, carrying out a minimum order of five licenses, access to an advantageous price range that remains unchanged for the two-year duration of the In addition to the significant economic benefits offered, the Microsoft licensing program is very easy to reach, manage and tidy up, guaranteeing all types of users easy access to the numerous opportunities provided. user was already the holder of an EasyOpen or Open contract. These licenses can be purchased through the opening of a new contract or as a reorder within an already active EasyOpen contract. More information on the specific page of Microsoft

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