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WhatsApp: the new "holiday mode" is coming

From ordinary users of Whatsapp, you will certainly be part of a certain number of groups, whether they are from work or friends and you certainly know very well how irritating the reception of messages by the latter can be, during the rest period where you would tolerate only personal messages. The insider headerWABetaInfo, has recently identified one new feature tested for iOS and Android versions, which remedies such situations.

WhatsApp thinks to make you feel comfortable, introducing the new "holiday mode"

The new feature coming to WhatsApp, identified byWABetaInfo, takes the name ofVacation Mode, orVacation mode. This specifically designed to solve one of the most annoying "problems" on the messaging platform, that when the user silences a chat, this does not actually remain disabled.

Actually, when a chat is stored on WhatsApp, the latter is reactivated as soon as it receives a new message. Thanks to the new "holiday mode", this small detail will be changed, when in fact the function will be activated by the notification settings of the app, archived chats who will receive new messages they will no longer notify the arrival of the latter.


As the name suggests, the new feature arriving on WhatsApp given by the development team, suggests that the latter particularly designed for the periods intended for holidays, although obviously also possible to leave active in permanently functionality.

Finally, WhatsApp would also be working on some sort of functionality, which allows you to link accounts from other platforms like Instagram. The site however states that the purpose of this is not yet clear, assuming that it could certainly be useful for an eventual one password recovery, while companies may be able to share status updates across platforms.

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