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WhatsApp: support for stickers from third-party keyboards is coming …

According to recent news, the platform of Whatsapp guarantee the support for stickers of third-party platforms, through a new update. This will allow those who use keyboards like Gboard to use the stickers of the latter in chats with their contacts, showing them as such, instead of as simple images, as currently happens.

WhatsApp will soon guarantee support for stickers sent from third-party keyboards

The news related to the support of stickers by WhatsApp, comes from the newspaperWABetaInfo. As the report also adds, the first keyboard that will benefit from this integration will be precisely Gboard. The function at present, still available in beta, which indicates that in straight through the usual release of stable updates.

WhatsApp "width =" 306 "height =" 612 "srcset =" update-support-adhesives-keyboards-of-thirds-parts-.jpg 512w, of-thirds- parts-2-210x420.jpg 210w "sizes =" (max-width: 306px ) 100vw, 306px "/></p><p>However, it will be possible <strong>try the function</strong>, by downloading the latest beta version of WhatsApp, with which you can send stickers with the Gboard keyboard, which already implements the support in its latest version of the app. The platform will allow in the near future to send stickers also from other keyboards, <strong>extending the support</strong>.<img class=