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WhatsApp: animated stickers are coming both in the app and in the version …

The development team of Whatsapp, is working to introduce the animated stickers on Android, iOS and web versions. The news comes as always from the dedicated newspaperWABetaInfo, who previewed their screenshots. The new animated stickers, unlike the GIFs that stop playing after a few seconds, will continue to move without stopping the animation.

WhatsApp: the team at work for the release of the new animated stickers

The messaging platform in constant updating, adding more and more new communication and interaction possibilities.

The new animated stickers that will arrive on WhatsApp, will be a lot probably included in adhesive packages, which the user will have to download manually. The app will display a preview of the animation in the sticker package and also in the chat section.WABetaInfo also reveals that the support for third-party adhesives, similarly to traditional adhesives.


WhatsApp had already tried something similar in the past, abandoning the idea for unknown reasons. Only now has the team decided to release the new animated stickers, both in the app and for the web version of the messaging platform, without any information available regarding the availability of the new update, which will surely arrive soon for all users globally in the Play Store for download.

The WhatsApp team is also working to make it possible for users to access other devices, using the same number registered by their smartphone and checking the log in through OTP or QR code, in a similar way to what is already happening on the web version.

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