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WhatsApp + also arrives on iPhone: add many functions to WhatsApp on your iPhone


WhatsApp + adds all the functions you've always wanted in WhatsApp Cydia

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Android smartphone owners are familiar with the popular WhatsApp + program, which we allow you to preview whenever it is updated by the developers.

For all the others, however, the name WhatsApp + may not mean anything. If you don't know WhatsApp +, however, don't worry, because we immediately explain what it is.WhatsApp + a famous program available for some time for Android that allows you to fully customize the WhatsApp program.

As easy to guess from the name,WhatsApp + allows you to add many functions to the original WhatsApp client for Android, introducing many additional options that would normally not be present. To find out all the details on WhatsApp + for Android, you can read our dedicated articles, like this:

Today, however, we point out that finally WhatsApp + also arrives on iPhone.WhatsApp +, in fact, has just been released on Cydia and available for free for all users who have the Jailbreak. On the iPhone this program is used "for less", in the sense that iPhone users already have the possibility to improve the settings regarding privacy, but WhatsApp + still allows you to customize every single parameter of WhatsApp in an advanced way and I am convinced that iPhone users they will find it very useful.

WhatsApp + a new tweak for Apple jailbroken devices that allows you to add all the functions you have always desired in WhatsApp.So let's go and see together what it offers, how it works and what it is used forWhatsApp + for iPhone.

As said, WhatsApp + a free tweak for Jailbroken devices that allows you to implement a series of functions on WhatsApp. We see below in detail what it is.

By installing WhatsApp +, which you can find on Cydia with the name WhatsApp + you will have the possibility to activate the following functions in WhatsApp for iPhone:

  • Stealth Mode: hide the online status from others, i.e. the information about the last time we opened WhatsApp will not be updated.
  • Read notification disabled: as already happens with iMessage, we can decide not to send the read receipt, so we can read the messages we receive and pretend that we have not read them yet.
  • Night Mode: at night the screens are changed so as not to tire the eyes, but a function that is still being tested and better not to keep it active to avoid annoying crashes
  • Full screen profile photo:A profile photo can be added without being forced to cut it
  • Endless multimedia content: WhatsApp sets the limit of maximum 10 photos and videos to be sent in one go and this limit is bypassed
  • Share music: it will be possible to send music tracks not DRM protected

As you can see, you will have the possibility to expand the functionality of WhatsApp on iPhone, adding many options that are not available in the original program. And, if all of these weren't enough for you, know that the developer will introduce many more shortly.

Contrary to what happens on Android, where to use WhatsApp + you have to uninstall the original client, su iPhone the tweak integrates completely with the WhatsApp application.In this case, obviously, in the case of app updates, it is not recommended to update the application before the operation of the tweak with the new original version of WhatsApp is established, otherwise you risk running into some problems.

As we have already said, WhatsApp +freeand find it in the BigBoss repository.hatsApp + a new tweak for jailbroken iOS devices that allows you to add all those functions you have always desired in WhatsApp.

To install it you must have the jailbreak on your iPhone. Try it, it's really worth it! I don't have an iPhone, but some users report a program crash after installing the tweak. The developer is already working on fixing the problem.

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