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WhatsApp: ads in user stories coming soon

After the decision by Whatsapp, to remove the annual subscription fee, making the app remain completely free, the news of the company's willingness to implement new methods to monetize through the app.

WhatsApp: the company will monetize by placing ads in the stories

In fact, some are coming soon advertisements that will be included in the stories published by users on WhatsApp. The news comes from the specialized magazineWABetaInfo, which states that the latest beta version available for Android, contains elements that indicate the process for inserting ads in the states.

Recall that the states of WhatsApp, are nothing more than the similar implementation Instagram stories, which allow you to publish photos and videos, which our contacts will be able to view for a limited period of time. Once the 24 hours, the story will automatically be deleted. it is also possible to set privacy, in order to select who will be able to view the story. Currently Instagram, it seems the main platform with which the story function has been successful.


The inclusion of the analogous function on WhatsApp, under the will of the Facebook company, had the purpose of giving the messaging platform that extra social touch, not enjoying the same success or the same levels of involvement that users have with stories on Instagram.

Seen for the large basin boasted by WhatsApp however, the stories remain a valid means for the company to publish announcements, which will come included in the contents published by users in stories, thus making money.

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