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What if the new iPhone 6 arrives in July?


Apple may introduce the new iPhone 6 as early as July

Some rumors say that Apple's new iPhone 6 could arrive in July. Do we have to believe it?

iPhone 6

For several years now, we have been used to the fact that Apple presents its new iPhone at the end of summer, just a few days before autumn begins. From this year, however, things could change. Apparently, in fact, this year Apple, to respond to Samsung's Galaxy S5 and the new HTC One, could launch its iPhone 6 already in July.

According toresearchmade by Abhey Lamba, analyst at Mizuho Securities, iPhone 6 and a hypothetical phablet could be launched next July, and no longer in September or October, as we are used to seeing in recent years.

Lamba himself says that based on hiscontrolsmade at iprovidersAsians, the preconditions for an iPhone 6 in July are all there: production is proceeding moresentthan expected, a sign that Apple is trying to anticipate the launch of the new iPhone.

But the rumors don't stop there. The analyst also noted that iprovidersthey might already be working to secure oneproductionlarger than in previous years, in order to provide more supplies to Apple that, like every year, will be faced with a huge onequestiondevice right after launch. We know that every year, after the launch of the new iPhone, stocks run out almost immediately and it is practically impossible to buy an iPhone without booking it. Indeed, sometimes even booking it difficult to be able to take it home.

But the analyst does not limit the rumors to the availability of the new iPhone and also balances on the news that could be introduced by Apple.

Recently, the company has been introducing new lineup in September time frame whereas the next generation phones could come out in July this year. […] The earlier launch will be helpful for Apple as it will ensure significant availability and distribution of the new device during the holiday season. says Lamba in his statement.

According to Lamba, in fact, the iPhone 6 should mount onescreenpigreatat least 4.7 inches and should come with iOS 8, a new updated operating system that will includeimprovementson the Touch ID, the fingerprint detection sensor.

If I have to be honest, a launch in summer for the iPhone 6 and the new phablet seems unlikely, especially if we talk about iOS 8 pre-installed.There is no Apple, a few months after the launch of iOS 7, will immediately switch to iOS 8 without some update in between. It also seems strange to me that Apple is already working on the new iPhone 6 when the 5S came out only a few months ago.

I honestly think that Lamba has unreliable sources and a really lively imagination. What do you say?

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