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Warning: more fake emails from Apple arrive, this is phishing


More phishing for Apple: pay attention to the emails you receive

Once again the image of Apple is used to defraud users and steal their money and personal data. For some hours, in fact, a new phishing e-mail has been circulating on the web that seems to have been sent by Apple, but in reality a beautiful and good scam. Be careful!

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A couple of months ago some fake emails from Apple had started circulating on the net trying to defraud unsuspecting web users:

Today the scam repeats itself once again, with the same formula. If you are not careful and you fall into the trap, you risk making yourself steal money and personal data. Eyes open!

As unfortunately already happened in the past, in fact, a few hours a fake email from Apple started circulating on the internet. As usual, this phishing email also asks the user to confirm their Apple account within 48 hours before it is deactivated by Apple. To confirm the account, click on a link that obviously asks the user for various information, including the AppStore username and password, which is linked to address, telephone number and even credit card information.

Clearly, then, all these data are then saved on a server controlled by the attackers, which can go as far as stealing your passwords and even stealing money on your credit cards, perhaps to purchase applications they produce or to make in-app purchases always in applications attributable to them. It would not be the first time and in the past we have seen similar situations.

This time, however, the scam message made very well and also seems quite convincing. It is usually sent from different addresses and, for example, one of them

AppleID (at) id (dot) appleidupdates (dot) com

ecompare on a gray background, complete with the company logo to be even more credible and to defraud more people.

Obviously, if you find this type of message, delete it immediately.Remember indeed Apple (as well as the Italian Post Office or your bank) will not ask you to confirm your account information or to change your password by clicking on a link inserted in the e-mail.

Be careful, these scam emails always run on the internet and it takes seconds to get ripped off.


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