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Uber leaves Florence and announces the arrival of Uber Eats in Italy

A little surprisingly, Uber leaves Florence and leaves the transport market to local taxis, which from August 12 will no longer have to deal with the rental service with American driver.

According to Carlo Tursi, general manager of Uber Italia, the reasons for the abandonment concern the insufficiency in the number of vehicles available in the Tuscan capital, few compared to the demand of Uber users who open the app in the city.

The number of drivers "proved insufficient to satisfy a demand that is increasing every week" Tursi told Ansa "thousands of people open the app every day in Florence, but the number of cars limited, and more and more often it happens to find the car far away, or not to find it. It makes the service more and more unreliable. "

A complicated situation especially considering the amount of tourists that Florence welcomes every year. Perhaps for this reason the company does not want to offer a poor service, which would undermine its reputation especially among tourists. The abandonment therefore seems to conceal a hint of disappointment, also considering that "Florence is the city with the highest driver rating in Italy", an area where Uber and the service offered by its drivers (the few available) were particularly appreciated .

For a service that goes away, here is one that arrives: Tursi has in fact confirmed that the company is refocusing its resources to launch Uber Eats also in Italy. For those who do not know it, Uber Eats is the service that aims to combine the demand for food at home for users with the offer of restaurants.

Users only need to order food from their favorite restaurant (among those who join Uber Eats) and Uber drivers will deliver the food home. Already active in different cities of the world, in Italy it has not yet made its debut, but it seems not to be missing much.

uber abandons florence to uber eats