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The new Apple TV is now coming!


New Apple TV coming: here is the confirmation

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After so many rumors and various rumors confirmed and then denied, it now seems official: the new Apple TV now coming and there is not much missing from its presentation.

What makes us think? Simple. As of today, Apple Store employees have received a specific directive from the parent company: anyone who purchases an Apple TV will have to receive a $ 25 iTunes Card as a gift. This means that stocks are running out and the new version of the Apple TV will be launched soon.

For some time, various rumors have circulated on the web about the possible arrival of the new Apple TV and, apparently, we are finally there.

The promotion is currently only valid in the USA, but it will probably also be activated in Italy shortly. As said, the promotion is very simple: if you buy an Apple TV, now at the end of its life cycle, you will receive an iTunes Card worth $ 25.In practice, this is a sort of discount coupon that Apple offers to users who purchase the "old" Apple TV to free up inventories in view of the arrival of the new model.

Obviously we didn't invent anything: history shows that such a move was always used by Apple before a product was withdrawn from the market to make room for the new model.

That the current Apple TV needed an update was obvious, but now we are sure that the new model is in the pipeline. We don't know when the official announcement will come, but it is thought of a possible launch for the new Apple TV by the end of March. We will keep you updated on this.

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