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The judge at BT: ridiculous the claim on hypertexts

The judge at BT: ridiculous the claim on hypertexts – logomacitynet1200wide 1

As we reported a few months ago, British Telecom, "waking up" with about 15 years of delay, publicly claims its license registered in the mid-70s entitled "Information handling system and terminal apparatus therefor", but the other is not if not in the patent on hypertext links so popular on the Internet to move from one page to another. BT's action, which aims to derive disproportionate figures from the use of links intensively for long years, which resulted in Monday a preliminary procedural confrontation in the U.S. District judge Colleen McMahon, however accomplished and serious, with her responses immediately made BT look bad: curious that a '76 patent could be applied to the WWW given that this was born a dozen years later (and the terms of the patent demonstrate how dated and inapplicable it can be at present), compare a computer from the seventies with one from the third millennium of the tut anachronistic, then a mainframe was as big as a Buick and had less computing power than a PDA today. I do not pay BT's lawyer, Albert Breneisen, replied that the basic structure of the link covered by the patent and without this BT technology anyone should type a new URL every time. If BT wins, it will be interesting to see who will have to pay the compensation checks, at the hearing there were the lawyers of Prodigy, one of the first internet providers, but mostly called representatives. We will see how the process will end, but in the meantime let us delight with the first World Wide Web experiments in this series of RealPlayer movies from Stanford University, a real historical-technological resource.

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