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The increasingly used email.

The email is increasingly used. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

One of the effects of fear of terrorism in recent months is a sudden increase in email communications in this period following the attack of 11 September in the USA.A study by the UCLA – University of California at Los Angeles Internet project reveals that 100 Millions of Americans have received or sent emails regarding the tragic events of September. Between 3 and 12 January, 1,200 web users were monitored, finding that 57.1% reported feelings about the terrorist attacks. 22.9% of all messages came from outside the U.S. The same study found more concern (than September 11) about privacy in 28% of cases and the reasons are as follows: for 40, 8% personal information is too accessible, for 17.8% terrorists can get personal information from the web, for 14.3% investigations to find terrorists have reduced online privacy rights and for 13.1% there is concern that the government may reduce personal privacy to reach terrorists. The Pew Internet & American Life project has calculated that between November and January there has been an increase from 52 to 59% in the use of e-mail.

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