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The EU allocates 1.6 million euros for the coffee maker of the future

The European Union (EU) has decided to allocate 1.6 million euros on the new ECOBREW project to revolutionize coffee extraction technology, involving Iberital, a Spanish company specializing in the sector, with the aim of creating the coffee maker of the future.

Among the challenges cited by the EU, in addition to the sustainability and quality of the food, connectivity was also mentioned, considered one of the characteristics with which the coffee machine of the future must be equipped.

After an exploratory phase, the ECOBREW project has therefore reached a second and decisive phase where it proposes the creation of a professional, healthy, innovative and energy-efficient innovative espresso coffee machine for which connectivity will play an important and essential role.

Iberital was chosen for the development, a Spanish company that today employs 56 employees and which thanks to the EU investment aims to triple its employees and develop new cutting-edge technology.

β€œThe technology used in coffee machines has not evolved significantly in the past 100 years. Iberital has identified a great opportunity in this growing market for a coffee machine with a completely new design, with the introduction of lead-free materials, energy efficiency and internet connectivity, the EU declares in its official statement.

Coffee is the most marketed product worldwide, after crude oil, and 40% of global coffee consumption occurs outside the home; data that give a dimension to a project that could revolutionize the sector also on a technological level.

coffee maker of the future