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The best smart working apps for remote teams

best smart working app

You could work full-time remotely or simply work temporarily from home. Either way, you need a method of communicating with colleagues, employees and other people who work remotely like you. There are some wonderful tools available for chatting with your team. From those who have simple chat features to others with app and service integrations. If you are looking for the best smart working app for the remote teams that work for you, these are some of the best out there.

The best smart working apps

These apps for iOS but also available for other mobile or fixed platforms, can be used free of charge for the connection of a limited number of users with reduced functions, but always useful for communicating in a fast way between different work colleagues who are in different places. For more professional functions, I always recommend these services, but in the complete versions with different subscription plans. So, let's see what we think are the best smart working apps for your smartphone, to be used with your team remotely.


Slack become one of the most popular and widely used communication tools for remote work teams. available on platforms including mobile ones, convenient or free depending on the size and needs of the team and offers extra functions such as integration with other services.

Noteworthy features:

  • Create dedicated channels for different groups and teams and have private conversations.
  • Use mentions to draw someone's attention to a topic.
  • Share files, documents and images.
  • Search for chats and conversations.
  • Personalize your notifications.

Slack offers many additional features that aren't listed here, so be sure to check out the full feature set for your business on the official site.

Availablity: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Linux and the WebCost: free with subscription plans for larger teams

Zoom Cloud Meetings

For meetings, screen sharing, collaboration and chat, Zoom is another great tool. Its ideal messaging feature for private conversations and file sharing while its meeting features are perfect for feeling like you're in the same room with your team.

Zoom remarkable features:

  • Create meetings with audio and video.
  • Use real-time whiteboard collaboration on iPad.
  • Set an availability status.
  • Configure Siri shortcuts for starting, attending and listening to meetings.
  • Share your screen directly from iPhone and iPad.

Zoom offers you an easy and pleasant way to get together with members of your remote team. Take a look at the other great features you can use on the official site.

Availablity: iPhone, iPad, Android, browser extensions, plug-ins and webCost: free with subscription plans for larger teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams another app that is worth considering for your communications. You can collaborate on projects, chat privately or in groups, easily share and edit files in addition to the audio and video features available.

Notable features of Microsoft Teams:

  • Set up dedicated channels for different groups and teams.
  • Create and attend meetings with audio and video.
  • Use the mentions to draw a team member's attention to a topic.
  • Search for chats and conversations.
  • Personalize your notifications.

Microsoft Teams the perfect solution if your company uses Office 365. Visit the Microsoft Teams site for additional service features.

Availablity: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and WebCost: free with team subscription plans

Smart working app for a more flexible company

When you and your team are in places very distant from each other, you can still continue to work effectively as if you were in the same room using these fantastic smart working apps. Agile work can be applied with considerable advantages within companies to favor an employment relationship characterized by the absence of hourly or spatial constraints and these tools that we have proposed can prove to be of great help.