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The 10 best apps to customize the experience of use on Android

Google is making it increasingly closed Android in recent times, focusing more on stock features on all devices, but still remains there the most open and customizable platform for mobile devices compared to the competition. For this there are a variety of applications, such as email client and launcher, capable of vary the user experience in the interface of your smartphone, but there are also more that allow one more advanced customization in the functions. Let's find out which ones, through this list of 10 best apps to customize Android!

Android: 10 of the best apps to customize the user experience

Gboard and Swiftkey

Gboard: the Google keyboard SwiftKey Keyboard

Gboard and Swiftkey still represent the two best Android keyboards available in the Play Store. Both feature extensive functions to customize the appearance of the theme, options to speed up and improve writing, gesture typing and a variety of other functions that can be activated.

The user experience is clearly different between the two. Gboard turns out to be more devoted to simplicity, with more traditional and classic functions, while Swiftkey proves to be more user friendly, focusing on intuitiveness. In both cases, the two keyboards allow ample possibilities to customize the appearance and more, which is clearly a good starting point if you want to set everything according to your tastes.

IFTTT – automate functions on Android


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IFTTT an extraordinary app, with great potential. It makes it possible automate a variety of tasks on Android. It works and integrated almost perfectly with 600 different apps, including virtual assistants Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, the main messaging apps and many others.

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There are also available on the web preconfigured functions, which allow you to perform tasks yourself to perform actions most used by users, such as adding our songs that we like on YouTube to a playlist on Spotify. The app completely free with no in-app purchases or ads.

Navbar Apps

Navbar Apps

Navbar apps a fun and customizable app, capable of change the color, theme and style of the navigation bar on Android. The application includes a variety of cute themes such as that of the Garfield cat, themes with fruit and similar styles, also varying the color of the navigation bar according to the open app.

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The automatic color however does not work when Google Chrome is opened, while the app itself unfortunately does not work well with the interface of Huawei devices. You can use most of the features for free, while making a single purchase in the app from 1.71 will unlock all the available functions.

Navigation Gestures

Navigation Gestures - Swipe Gesture Controls!

Android Pie, among the many new features that characterize it, has introduced the new gesture navigation system. Navigation Gestures allows to obtain this functionality even on previous versions of the system. It will be possible to completely omit the navigation bar, using only gestures to navigate between windows and screens.

Every action will be customizable with a number of gestures, using them instead of the Home, Back and Task Manager buttons. The premium version of the app, costing 1.59, adds support for notifications, quick settings, multimedia controls, screens and more.



Sharedr one of the most interesting apps to customize Android. The application gives the possibility to modify the window that appears every time when we want to share content. The stock sharing system of the green robot shows a list of apps together with a random list of contacts. With Sharedr you can customize everything there, choosing to show only the apps you want, completely removing the random contacts.

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The initial configuration may take some time, but once done, it can simplify and speed up sharing actions a lot. The completely free application, without ads and in-app purchases.

Substratum and Pluvius

substratum theme engine Pluvius

Substratum and Pluvius they are frameworks that allow you to customize the appearance of the Android theme, using the component WHO (Overlay Manager System). The first of the best known and capable of work without root on different devices, although the best customization experience obtainable on both via the root of the smartphone.

To support the two apps, there are also one variety of themes available on the Play Store. Both apps are excellent for personalizing the appearance of the smartphone, if you want to go deeper, Substratum remains the ideal choice, proving to be even more stable thanks to its development over time.


Tapet Wallpaper in HD

Among the various and numerous apps dedicated to wallpapers for Android, Tapet the most unique and interesting one. In fact, the app contains a variety of models, all customizable. In fact, you can choose the colors, so rework the model to get one different variant. All wallpapers have a high resolution, ensuring good viewing on all devices with large displays.

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The app available for free with in-app purchases, not necessary to take full advantage of it.



Tasker another app similar to IFTTT, but unlike this one, more complex to use but for this more advanced. The app can automate activities, create new actions and much more, including customizations to the widgets, menus and main screen, requesting the root of the device in many of these functions, precisely because of the depth with which it can act. The app has a cost of 2.99.


KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

KWGT a widget for Android customizable by the user. It allows in fact to create your own personal widgets for a variety of things, including weather, calendar, clock, operable toggles, RSS feeds, music controls and more. Thanks to its interesting customization possibilities, you can create widgets aesthetically adaptable the background or theme of the device.

available in the free and complete version, which makes all the functions available.


ZEDGE Ringtones, Wallpapers

Zedge focuses on personalization on ringtones, notification tones and alarm tones. It will be possible to find within the samples of sound effects, songs and other interesting contents to compose your own tone. It will also be possible to upload the ringtones or tones made on the app's website.

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Zedge completely free but contains ads and in-app purchases.

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