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Spawn Illuminati: psychedelic relaxation with iPhone and touch

Spawn Illuminati: psychedelic relaxation with iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Initially Spawn Illuminati can remember some sophisticated standard screen servers in Mac OS, precisely the lines of light and color that move randomly on the Mac screen. This mysterious title for iPhone and touch to push beyond the graphic effect of the screen saver Apple to offer a new kind of vaguely psychedelic relaxation. Dozens, hundreds of brightly colored lines move from one side of the pocket screen to another. The user is free not to intervene, letting the random graphic compositions follow their unceasing movement, or to intervene with one or two fingers on the touch-sensitive screen. In this case lines, colors and movements are modified on the fly, but always with a different graphic effect.

If the description shown here and that offered on the App Store are not enough, you can try a free version even if it is very limited in functions: it's called Spawn Lite can be downloaded from this page of the App Store.

For users who have no doubts and want to try all the graphic effects available in the paid Spawn Illuminati mode offered at the price of 1.59 euros starting from this link.

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