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Sonic on iPhone? not a conversion but an emulation

A few days ago we announced the release of the legendary Sonic The Hedgehog, the title for Sega Megadrive (Genesis in USA), which became popular in the 1990s, popularizing the cute blue hedgehog and making Sega touch its all-time high.

After the initial enthusiasm, further details about the game emerged: the AllTechRelated blog has in fact discovered that Sonic is not really an ad hoc conversion for Sega iPhones, but works on the Apple device thanks to an emulator.

Having a jailbroken iPhone in fact, it is possible to replace the Sonic rom with other roms for the Megadrive emulator; AllTechRelated's experiments have successfully launched other Sega titles, such as Afterburner, Ecco the Dolphin, but also Sonic 2.

Perhaps for this reason, the performance and performance of Sonic The Hedgehog on the iPhone was met with disappointment by many fans of the series, who expected superior technical qualities.

It is perhaps worth mentioning that the iPhone development license explicitly prohibits the development of emulators and applications that, just like emulators, launch other executables. It is unclear whether Sega, assuming the discovery is confirmed, has obtained a waiver from Apple to create the Megadrive emulator.