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Smartphone market, vertical collapse: the worst data ever for February

The smartphone market begins to show the first wounds caused by the Coronavirus pandemic: there is no sector that is not suffering this crisis negatively, considered by all to be the most serious since the post-war period to today. This was seen for example for the European car market, with February having recorded a heavy contraction of over 7 percentage points. The same goes for airlines, which without state aid will not be able to get up on their own (just think that on March 18 only one plane left Bologna airport …).

And just in February the global smartphone market underwent a record drop, -38% compared to the same period last year. Record, yes, because it is about largest reduction ever in the industry. In numbers:

  • smartphone shipments February 2020: -38% on an annual basis
  • February 2019: 99.2 million smartphones shipped
  • February 2020: 61.8 million smartphones shipped

The first to have suffered the crisis caused by the epidemic – later defined as a pandemic by the WHO – were the Asian countries. Here not only has demand collapsed, but also production – and the related supply of components – has been significantly slowed down by the continuous closings of the plants.

Smartphone supply and demand plummeted in China, collapsed in Asia and slowed in the rest of the world,

he briefly explained Neil Mawstone of Strategy Analytics who conducted the research. And if the situation was not one of the brightest pre-viruses already (see data published by Gartner earlier this month), it will be even worse in the near future. There are still hopes that the sector – indeed, the sectors, also including PCs and tablets – recovery, as reported by the IDC study in which it is foreseen how a vertical collapse of this beginning of the year can be contrasted with a conspicuous increase in the following months.

For Strategy Analytics, shipments will remain well below what was initially estimated also in March, especially considering the lockdown in progress in several European countries (Italy in the first place) which prevents the population from carrying out their usual activities, including shopping.

NOTE: Strategy Analytics has communicated on Weibo that the ranking of the best 6 brands in February is not attributable to its research team: "These are not our official data, and we will publish a statement soon"So if you come across this summary table, don't trust it.