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Slide to unlock: the iPhone / touch style doormat

Slide to unlock: the iPhone / touch style doormat – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple enthusiasts are the subject of study by analysts and market experts who seek to reveal the recipe for loyalty to the absolute brand, or almost, protagonists of successful books, documentary films, protagonists of cyclopean files for events and inaugurations. For all this reasons it is not possible to exclude that the new iPhone-style doormat can go completely unnoticed. The idea of ​​those that are a little crazy but undoubtedly nice, obviously conceived in Italy. It is true: the Apple logo is missing, a detail that saves ours from any possible legal quarrel, and that makes the gadget even more suitable for professionals and enthusiasts.

Enough with the mysteries: it is a completely black doormat, in rubber in the lower part, and in carpet in the visible part. The only visible elements are an elongated window in which the now historic arrow cursor appears and the wording "Slide to unlock" which in our language is rendered with the short but also less explanatory "Unlock". Why place the original unlocking function of iPhone and iPod touch right on a doormat at home? Perhaps as a message intended for other Apple enthusiasts who, even before crossing our doorstep or a room, can thus know what to expect inside. The iPhone-style doormat proposed for 15.99 euros. Now that we think about it, maybe it would be really useful for that room …

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