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Sitecom Wi-Fi Home Cam Outdoor monitors the house, garage and courtyard

marzo 20, 2020

Sitecom adds the new Sitecom Wi-Fi Home Cam Outdoor camera to its solutions for home connectivity. Weatherproof (IP66 certified), it allows users to protect the house, garage or courtyard and to keep everything under control even when not physically present.

Specifically, it is a Power over Ethernet camera that uses the MyCam app such as the Sitecom Wi-Fi Home Cam Mini, Wi-Fi Home Cam Twist and Wi-Fi Home Cam Dome models. All four models are very simple to set up, offering high quality HD video, night vision and real-time notifications.

Thanks to real-time movement alerts, you can keep everything constantly under control. For example, when someone enters the field of view of the camera, an alarm is triggered and a push notification is sent from the MyCam app. Alerts can be easily customized to avoid false alarms. The movies are automatically stored in the 8 GB microSD card supplied and you can also make a backup copy via Google Drive.

Sitecom Wi-Fi Home Cam Outdoor 3

The night vision function of the video camera allows you to see up to ten meters away in the dark and control what is happening at home, even from a distance. In the morning, the IR-cut function automatically deactivates night vision and allows you to return to see in bright colors.

The Sitecom Wi-Fi Home Cam Outdoor camera can be set up in three minutes, without problems and with extreme simplicity. Users only need to connect the camera to the Wi-Fi network, download the app for iOS or Android and scan the QR code of the camera: the configuration will take place automatically.

It is also powered by a PoE (Power over Ethernet) port: in practice, instead of a normal power cable of limited length, the camera can be powered by a very long Ethernet cable, which allows users to install the camera wherever they want. The camera includes a PoE starter kit with a 5 meter cable, a PoE injector and a power supply for connection to a power outlet. SitecomWi-Fi Home Cam Outdoor on sale on the official store for 249.99 euros.

Sitecom Wi-Fi Home Cam Outdoor 2