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The Windows code point. Here is what continues to press the attorneys of states that oppose Microsoft. Lawyers argue that without seeing the operating system code, it is not possible to ascertain the truthfulness of Redmond's claims that "it is not technically possible to separate Internet Explorer from Windows". The crucial point. The States, in fact, in their requests to judge Kollar-Kotelly explicitly asked to include among the measures the sale of a version without IE of the operating system. Request rejected by the sender as "impossible" by Microsoft according to which at the moment it is not possible to distinguish between navigator and OS. "Microsoft – states states in a document forwarded to the court – cannot on the one hand say that it is impossible to untie IE and Windows and from the another to prevent seeing the code. ”The request to see the code, someone said, addressed to Microsoft would be like asking Coca Cola to show the formula of the drink, or the last barrier on which Redmond will yield. judge to appoint an expert who can express impartial judgments on the complex technical issues that will be presented during the hearings.

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