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Shazam updates the graphical interface and adds new functions [Migliori Programmi iPhone e iPad]


Shazam updates the graphical interface and adds new functions (Best iPhone and iPad Programs)

Shazam, a leading global media entertainment company, today unveiled the app's major redesign work announced early in February. This will bring substantial news on how people can interact with the application and an integral part of a wider strategy to make Shazam a real travel companion for all those people interested in music, TV shows or brands.

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The redesign that we are revealing to you today is part of a fundamental evolution in our experience with consumers. With these changes, Shazam is evolving to become a pool of experience and a content platform for all artists, shows and brands, says Rich Riley, Shazam's Chief Executive Officer. People will always be able to use Shazam in the way they know and love – identifying almost every song incredibly quickly and with the ability to purchase or share it with their friends. Shazam's new content-rich design, paired with the recently launched News Feed and Auto Shazam's spontaneity, will give users excellent reasons to use the application more and more and consult it every day. "

Over the next few weeks, Shazam's iOS and Android users will see an evolution of the platform that will create an even richer and deeper user experience. Shazam's new look is leading, all over the world, to a new way of interacting with music and television thanks to easy access to previews, purchases and sharing of one or more songs. In the coming weeks, the news will also include:

Last week, Shazam also announced a major new partnership with Warner Music Group which includes a shared label for non-contracted artists, as well as a marketing collaboration between the WMG team of artists. A Shazam icon will identify the artists worthy of support: this will be made possible by the combination of WMG's global experience in A&R (Artists and Repertoire) with the data In turn, WMG will provide Shazam with exclusive content and other benefits to improve the experience of the user, providing the latter with more reasons to consider Shazam the must-have app for any music fan.

Shazam_iPad News Feed

The new version of Shazam available in Free and Encore versions for iPhone. It comes with Auto Shazam, which allows users to automatically identify the media around them, and the News Feed, which presents users with the contents of their favorite artists, shows and discoveries from Shazam's friends. This update will be available in the coming weeks also on Android devices.

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