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Search for the Bed and Breakfast with the iPhone

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The portal has presented a free application for the iPhone through which – thanks to the use of the GPS included in the device – it is possible to locate all the B & Bs within a few kilometers of the area where the user is located throughout Italy. For each B&B you will find descriptions in four languages, 10 photographs, telephone numbers and all the directions to reach it.

Various surveys indicate that the garrisons of travelers and tourists who choose B & Bs for their stays in Italy have grown considerably. A phenomenon that crosses the entire boot and crosses the big metropolises like the most remote villages, but equally precious. The lion's share are, of course, the cities of art and the historic centers, where B & Bs have literally exploded; but we also find them in pristine scenarios such as those of the Aosta Valley or along the coasts of the smaller islands of Sicily. B&B downloadable for free from this App Store page.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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