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Ringtone Recorder: everything becomes a ringtone for iPhone

Ringtone Recorder: everything becomes a ringtone for iPhone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone allows you to associate a different ringtone for each contact or for groups of contacts, a function not only fun but also useful to know from the first ring whether we are answering our partner or the head of the office. If the ringtone prices have always made us desist from using this function, Ringtone Recorder is the program that could change the situation. The software offers a minimalist interface that allows you to record up to a maximum of 30 seconds anything within reach of the iPhone microphone.

Once registered, we insert our email address and in an instant the developers' servers send an email in our box with the audio file attached as an iPhone ringtone. To start using it and combine it with our favorite contacts just drag the file from the mail to the desk and from here to iTunes: the Mac immediately positions it among the ringtones available for our pocket, ready for use. Ringtone Recorder also available in a free lite version but slow performance and minimal audio quality do not offer the best in terms of the final result. If after trying the Lite version we want to create ringtones with higher quality audio, we consider purchasing the Pro version. The developers promise up to 3 times higher performance and significantly higher audio quality, finally a more immediate user interface.

Ringtone Recorder Pro proposed at the price of 0.79 euros starting from this App Store page: it works only with iPhone.

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