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Restart iPhone to improve performance and avoid crashes

Restart iPhone to improve performance and avoid crashes – logomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone a revolutionary smartphone a detail that was immediately evident to those who were able to use the first Edge version and then by a growing number of users around the globe with the introduction of the iPhone 3G and the launch of the App Store. Before the advent of the Apple online store for the installation of third-party iPhone applications, it was also appreciated for the remarkable stability of the operating system that allows you to make calls and use the numerous integrated functions without ever having to turn off and on again.

The situation changed with the introduction of the App Store and the possibility of installing dozens, hundreds and thousands of third-party software on the iPhone. While running full-bodied games and applications, several users complain about the performance degradation, slowdowns and in the worst situations even the sudden block of the system. To overcome these drawbacks, just remember to turn the smartphone off and on again. The operation not contemplated in the user manual but practice shows that turning off and restarting iPhone once a day eliminates or greatly reduces slowdowns and crashes.

For those who habitually install large applications and games via the App Store, it is often advisable to restart the smartphone even immediately after installation, before even launching the new program. According to the developers of the iPhone / touch world, slowdowns and crashes depend on a non-optimal management of the RAM memory by the operating system, with processes that remain active even after exiting the program. The reboot technique is a somewhat brutal system, certainly not elegant and user friendly according to Apple's high quality standards, but it works. Let's consider it as a trick to improve the iPhone's behavior and response, waiting for the new iPhone OS 3.0 expected for the summer to improve the situation by integrating better management of RAM memory.

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