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Resident Evil: Degeneration the survival horror 3D lands on iPhone and touch

Resident Evil: Degeneration the survival horror 3D lands on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Even those who are not fond of the survival horror genre, for better or for worse, know or have already heard of Resident Evil, the title that gave rise to the genre and which for years has been synonymous with gruesome adventures, often made at the state of the art and full of tension so high that they are not recommended for the weak stomach. Resident Evil continues to offer all this in the various episodes made over time for computers and consoles: the availability for iPhone and touch thanks to Capcom's work represents yet another baptism of the two paperbacks as full-fledged portable consoles.

The story of the iPhone / touch episode began about 7 years after the tragedy of Raccoon City, the quiet midwestern town of the United States, repeatedly shocked by zombie attacks. This time our protagonist has to deal with the undead inside Harvardville airport where we will have to save the survivors, put an end to the suffering of the zombies, always trying to avoid any contact with non-humans under penalty of transformation into one of them . Within the game we have a pocket computer available to collect information, manage our inventory and to consult the map, all fundamental data to solve the various puzzles and puzzles scattered throughout the game area.

The controls are entirely managed via the touch-sensitive screen on which the virtual joypad is played, in pure console style, and only the necessary buttons depending on the game context. The developers of Capcom have also put the accelerometer to good use: by tilting the pocket, it is possible to reload the weapon, while shaking it, we can free ourselves from the grip of the zombies in a last wild attempt to free us from their grip, in hand-to-hand combat. As expected from a new generation Resident Evil title and from the performance of the iPhone / touch gaming environment, zombies, protagonists and any other detail made in 3D graphics.

Resident Evil Degeneration available on the App Store for € 5.49.

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