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Real World Video Effects: seen by the public

Real World Video Effects: seen by the public – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Alberto Grande writes: "On Tuesday 29 January I went to the Hotel Excelsior in Rome for the tour organized by Apple in collaboration with the major Mac video production companies (Discreet – Pinnacle – Adobe …). All in my opinion exceptional: we were at least 800 people, and demonstrations were carried out on two giant screens on the sides of a salon often full of people.I was able to see at work cos native applications for OS X such as Final Cut Pro 3, Combustion 2, Commotion 4, Cleaner, Nuendo, After Effects 5.5 run on the 800 MHz dual processor Power Mac G4 and, let me say, accustomed to my old (email protected), seeing such applications running on OS x at such speed was a pure pleasure. of the sector (even if they continued to deny it) have created splendid demonstrations (even with massive use of 3D – by the way: spectacular Combustion 2!) with ease and in so little you Unfortunately, the Adobe representative did not have a copy of Photoshop 7 for X with him otherwise he would have shown it to everyone.At the end of the event there was a drawing pecie from the audience in the room: the winner received a bell 'Brand new iPOD, what more could you ask? It would be nice if Apple organized these initiatives more often also to demonstrate the "rivals" of their potential. If before Tuesday I had relegated OS X to almost zero use, now that the I saw in action with these software I was able to notice in X such a robustness and reliability to make me decide that from now on it will be my system par excellence. One last observation, it seems strange that everything worked perception except one thing: a Pinnacle representative after some time could no longer make his slideshow made with MIcrosoft Power Point work; will it be a coincidence that the robustness of the splendid X with applications that would put any system on the wall has failed with a Bill Gates product? I would think about it! "

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