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QuickTime everywhere

The alliance between Apple, Sun and Ericsson was perhaps the most underrated and least commented news among those that arrived in the context of QuickTime Live! Yet its potential implications and the repercussions on the way we use daily technology could be really relevant. To understand just how to scroll through the content of the press releases and try to imagine what this could mean.

The agreement between Apple, Sun and Ericsson, in fact, provides for the creation of a system for the distribution of multimedia content based on the QuickTime and MPEG-4 standard, using Sun's servers and technologies on network-based wireless networks. created by Ericsson's wireless devices.Thanks to this alliance, wireless network operators, who may be the current cellular or broadband network operators, will be able to deliver news on demand or movies on PDAs and smart cell phones building a bridge between the media industry and the "mobile community" by creating a new distribution channel for digital media,

In this context, the key role that QuickTime would play, which would be the technology for video compression and decompression, and which thanks to the support of MPEG-4 would allow the creation of interactive and “clickable” films like the Internet pages, is immediately evident.

The benefits for Apple, if the strategy went through, would be obvious; it would range from installing QT versions on gadgets and cell phones to selling streaming licenses to end up with an unquantifiable number of content creation machines and software. If you think that millions of digital cameras on the market already use QuickTime for the recording of short movies and that there are devices for recording movies in MPEG4 format that await only a unification of the standard to know a wide diffusion it is clear that the overall project involves a large part of the world that revolves around multimedia in all its forms.

At the moment too early to add other considerations and launch into predictions about it. Probably something more can be said in the coming months when the alliance could make new statements about it. For now we will just underline how the agreement seems to be part of a precise and concrete strategy that aims to support the maximum diffusion of QuickTime as part of a project aimed at strengthening the Apple platform in the multimedia and wireless sector.