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Press Review, 9 newspapers always in your pocket with iPhone and iPod touch

Those who use the iPhone or iPod touch to get informed and read news on the Internet have a new alternative. It is Press Review, an application of iCoderz, a reality that has already collected several results with entertainment programs such as 2009 Awesome Facts Pro, a collection (only in English) of incredible and little known facts.

Press Review, which Macity has tested for a few hours as soon as released on the App Store, in fact a collection of Internet addresses of newspapers (9 to be precise) that have a site compiled for iPhone. In this sense, it performs the task of grouping the URLs with an ad hoc interface, presenting them in a panel that allows us to navigate between them. The convenient system because it allows us not to resort to Safari's favorites and to have immediately some of the main Italian newspapers at hand: Gazzetta dello Sport, La Stampa, Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Giornale, La Repubblica, Ansa, Corriere della Sera, Il Messaggero and I read.

Each header can be marked as favorite simply by holding your finger on it in the appropriate panel. At that point, a star will appear to confirm our choice and at each press release it will be that newspaper that appears first.

At the bottom of the screen, a bar allows us to switch between news and to relaunch the control panel of the various newspapers. Note that the bar disappears and appears shaking iPhone.

Press Review presents the news in exactly the same way we would see it on Safari. Therefore nothing revolutionary in this respect. In any case, it is a useful program that speeds up reading and provides a single access point to an important batch of Italian newspapers.

Too bad for some defects (probably) of youth that somehow limit their usability. Navigation arrows, for example, struggle to work lazily responding to touch, which makes traveling and our reading "story" a bit frustrating. And in this regard we have also noticed a certain slowness in navigating between newspapers; in particular, the interface is a bit "snappy", but this may partly depend on the speed of the connection on the server front and partly on how some pages and their contents have been coded. Finally, it is worth noting that in this first version the link to "Il Giornale" does not work, showing an RSS feed error. Presumably the bug is fixed with an update that should arrive at this point shortly. Finally, on some occasions we have noticed that the "Loading" panel which indicates that a page is being loaded, does not disappear; this happens when access to a header is launched and it has not finished loading the code entirely and it passes to a different header.

Overall, therefore, a program that we can recommend to information "junkies", those who, for example, on the bus on their way to work want to take a quick look at all the main newspapers or those who want to read some of their work breaks news without resorting to the computer. A greater personalization work would be desirable, with the addition of other Italian newspapers and greater personalization options; for example the possibility of creating mini-groups to have more than one head at hand in one shot. In addition to this, a "cleaning up" of the code would be appropriate to deal with some problems that are not too excusable for an application that is offered for a fee.

On sale on the App Store for 1.59 euros