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Politichese: the application that makes us all the perfect Italian politician

"An initiative on a non-contingent basis favors the entry into the field of external forces within the framework of the incentives provided, leading to success with the recognition of the positive value of the relations between supply and demand, with a view to" Do ut des ", the identification of a framework ". You seem to have heard this phrase before but in your brain it only sounds like a noise? You are not the only ones; you probably passed in front of the TV while the politician on duty practiced a lesson in politichese, the curious language that sounds great but that for most citizens always seems to express no concept. If you are in this condition or find yourself in ambushes during the Tigg, if the transmissions of Bruno Vespa and Santoro bring down your self-love, if you found yourself in the square during a rally and you went away mortified because everyone applauded the one who you seemed to be just a sequence of words picked up from the dictionary, the solution is: buy Politichese.

Politichese, nomen omen, a work by Intermundia that will receive great praise from everyone, from the man engaged in public affairs and who aspires to serve the people and the common citizen.

For the benefit of the first, without any effort and with great comfort, able to serve professional-style political speeches, useful both for the candidate for the municipal administrations of a small country and for the statesman of international level. Politician next to the politician when he wants to save € 5,000 a month for a bag holder or ghostwriter, or for the administrator who, acclaimed by the people, must improvise a thick speech in front of a crowd hanging from his lips; supports from the neighborhood councilor to the minister who need to be applauded during the inauguration of a public structure, be it the garden under the house or the ring road of a metropolis.

The common man instead buys Politichese to feel part of the great world that dictates our destinies, for when he is in front of the TV and wants to raise his morale by answering Vespa before the statesman interviewed or he wants to intervene on the radio, with a competent question during a open debate. The citizen also uses Politichese to respond with language properties to his friend, be it center-right or center-left, without feeling excluded from the circle of maitre d 'thinkers who shape our times. Think about the great impression when at the coffee machine you can effortlessly and with great nonchalance throw a "The search for new solutions can promote the right relationship between public and private in the primary interest of the population by debating and insisting, in terms of left-right, the creation of a production fabric made up of small and medium-sized enterprises "or a" The discussion within us indicates the critical verification of the institutional objectives with the overcoming of the difficulties in assimilating exogenous processes by developing, in an a priori and not a posteriori perspective, the virtuous circle thus started. "

Politichese a very powerful and simple tool: it generates up to 268 million combinations of sentences with the push of a button, it allows you to archive the most successful and to send by email, to your bag holder or your favorite journalist, those that seem to reflect you better your administrative and political agenda. And all without taking any risk of one day being accused of not keeping a promise or of contradicting yourself, because you will have the guarantee that your sentences will not even have a meaning, by mistake.

The selling price to the public of Politichese, the most Italian of the App Store applications, normally 9,999.00 euros, but on the occasion of the now next electoral round for social (for politicians) and pedagogical (for the elector citizen) purposes, it is put on sale at the special price of 1.59 euros, a trifle given the goals it aims to achieve.

Click here to buy and understand, once and for all, how political speeches work.