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Osram smart bulbs, a bug enables unauthorized network access

Osram smart bulbs, a bug enables unauthorized network access –

Safety concerns for Osram smart bulbs. According to what emerged from a report by some Rapid7 researchers, a security flaw would in fact guarantee unauthorized access to the home network.

It can potentially allow an attacker to launch attacks through the browser, as well as allow him to identify the password of the Wi-Fi network: these devices would in fact use short codes (8 characters) that can be easily traced within a few minutes, a few hours at most.

The company sells bulbs in kits with a Wi-Fi hub to allow system control for smartphone applications but are also compatible with other manufacturers' lighting systems, including Philips Hue and other products that use the ZigBee protocol.

According to the researchers, the company should be able to close the flaw through the next firmware update. Recall that Osram smart bulbs are also available from this Amazon page.

Osram smart bulbs

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