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Nothing Real, what goal?

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What is Apple's goal with the acquisition of Nothing Real? The question, after the confirmation of the incorporation of the company specialized in software for post production by Cupertino, if many are doing it in the Mac world and in that of digital video. An interesting and stimulating article on the subject is published today by Digital Producer, an online magazine specialized, in fact, in digital video. The article in question, although it cannot provide precise answers, carries out an interesting excursus on the past trying to demonstrate how Apple's strategy has its historical coherence, especially in the field of applications for digital video.

Apple purchased the video engine called Key Grip from Macromedia to create Final Cut Pro, bought Astarte and Spruce to make DVD Studio Pro and iDVD. With Final Cut he entered the field of video editing, with DVD and iDVD in the authoring sector. With Nothing Real, of course, he is preparing to enter the post production sector. The question that Digital Producer asks if this strategy seems to suppose a project insanely large or simply a project that is insane. The risk for Apple to cross a border, that of direct competition with some of its partners that would end up damaging it. Among these partners there would be Adobe which could soon see a competing product of After Effects as the result of the incorporation of Nothing Real. This could irritate some third parties to the point of making them wage a total war on Apple? What if Adobe stopped doing PhotoShop for Mac, Digital Producer wonders? The strategy could also be insanely great if we consider the other side of the medal, the attempt to build a complete and flexible offer for digital video products, able to satisfy (in its "light" versions) both the normal user and the professional and in one time push the Apple hardware. , does not fail to mention the article, Apple has always released its software only for Mac OS. It remains to be seen whether the same thing can be done with Nothing Real. For now, Shake and Tremor only work on Windows and Linux, have a large base installed and cost between $ 75,000 and $ 140,000. Can Apple afford to lose such important and wealthy customers, Digital Producer wonders, not without reason, just because they will refuse to buy Apple hardware?

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