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Nikon likes Mac OS X: drivers for scanners also in the spring

Nikon likes Mac OS X: scanner drivers too – logomacitynet1200wide 1

As we have already said, it seems that the next spring will finally bring an avalanche of drivers for various brands of scanners.Nikon adds its name to the list specifying that the application for Coolscan scanners (Coolscan IV, SuperCoolscan 4000 ED and SuperCoolscan 8000 ED), NikonScan 3, will have been working under Mac OS X since April, but that the Photoshop plug-in will unfortunately not yet be ready for that date. Coolpix 775, 885, 995 and 5000 digital camera models already work with Mac OS X. As far as other digital cameras are concerned, with Nikon View 4 the following models work with Mac OS X: Coolpix 990, 880 and later, exclusively with USB connection, and also the D1, D1x, D1h that also work with Nikon Capture 2. Nikons such as the Coolpix E-300 and others released before 2001 will not be supported in Mac OS X by Nikon software. The same applies to models with a serial port such as the Coolpix 600, 700, 900, 800 and 950 will not be able to work except with a Compact Flash adapter supported in Mac OS X.

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