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New iPhone: 600MHz processor and double the RAM?

In the past, John Guber author of Daring Fireball correctly anticipated the main features and highlights of several new products launched by Apple, demonstrating that he can access reliable information sources and be able to identify Cupertino's choices in the midst of the plethora of rumors and rumors that regularly crowd the Web in the months and weeks before the official presentations. Understandable that his latest article published during the night and in which he anticipates some details of the new iPhone, is arousing interest on a large scale.

Most of the details aren't actually brand new. But even the less original ones are specified reliably and as such deserving to be reported.

The first and most important regards the superior hardware equipment of the expected iPhone: also according to Gruber the new iPhone will integrate a processor with ARM Cortex architecture that will run at 600MHz, while the RAM memory for program execution will be doubled from the current 128MB to 256MB for the new model. What Gruber first underlines that the speed of execution of the new iPhone will be significantly higher than what the clock increase of 200MHz suggests. The first iPhone Edge and iPhone 3G are based on a processor with ARM architecture of 400MHz: in the new model, in addition to a higher clock, it integrates a new generation of CPU capable of offering not only an increase in the clock but above all a new architecture internal. For this reason Gruber is convinced that with the next iPhone users will benefit from a real generational leap, similar to what has been seen in desktop PC systems with the transition from 386 and 486 to Pentium.

Doubling the RAM memory for software execution will also contribute substantially to the greater performance of the new iPhone. Although Apple will not reveal the processor and RAM details for the new iPhone, just as it did not for the first two versions, the communication campaign will focus on the significantly higher performance of the new model. Although listed Wall Street analysts have ruled out the iPhone presentation at WWDC, Gruber believes that Cupertino will show the new smartphone at the international developer conference. In addition to performance, the workhorse of the new iPhone will focus on video features: recording movies from the integrated camera, the possibility of performing basic video editing functions and uploading movies on the web on the fly. On this detail not only Gruber but also the editorial staff of Macitynet and most of the sites dedicated to the world of Apple have little doubt.

In the concluding part of the full-bodied article, Gruber finally suggests other news that are being contemplated for the first time for WWDC: Apple could make some secondary innovations in laptops, including a re-classification and re-branding of unibody notebooks. All aluminum models would be re-christened as MacBook Pro, while the name MacBook intended only for the white plastic model. As for the hypothetical mini-iPhone, Gruber also claims to have received concrete rumors, but according to the "sibilla", the cheap phone may not be presented to the WWDC.