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New for Apple iWork: here is the update for Pages, Numbers and Keynote for Mac and OS …


Here are all the news of the iWork update (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) for Mac and OS X

Apple has updated Pages, Numbers and Keynote for Mac and OS X. Here's how to download iWork for Mac and any version of OS X for free and legally.

(MAC) iWork 2013 Update 1 - Eng

For those unfamiliar with the programs, briefly remember that iWork is the easiest way to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations on your Mac.

The new iWork for Mac makes creating, editing and sharing documents easier than ever.iWork introduces a new unified file format, ensuring document fidelity on Mac, iOS and iCloud, and iWork for iCloud beta.

Now you can create the document on iPad, edit it on your Mac and collaborate with your friends using iCloud for iWork, even if they are on a PC.

For those who try their hand for the first time, iWork makes everything easier and offers everyone powerful tools to create incredible documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Maybe not everyone knows, but a few days agoApplehas made official new unpublished versions ofKeynote,NumbersisPages,the three tools of the famous suite made in Cupertino,iWorkprecisely, specifically dedicated to the creation of texts, spreadsheets and presentations.

Theupdates, available both for the versioniOSthatOS X, in addition to improving the general stability of the three software programs, they also introduce a large number of excellent new features. Let's go to their discovery by seeing together thechangelogfor the Mac and OS X version.

Keynote 2.1 for iOS and 6.1 for OS X

What's new in version 6.1 for OS X:

  • New transitions, including Drop and Grid;
  • Improved display options for presenter;
  • Sharing of password protected presentations via iCloud link;
  • Custom number formats in charts are retained when importing Keynote 09 and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations;
  • Creation of charts with values ​​relating to date, time and duration;
  • Improved compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 presentations;
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Numbers 2.1 for iOS and 3.1 for OS X

New in version 3.1 for OS X:

  • Ability to sort by multiple columns;
  • Ability to order a subset of rows;
  • Automatic completion of text when editing cells.

Pages 2.1 for iOS and 5.1 for OS X

New in version 5.1 for OS X:

  • Vertical ruler;
  • Sharing password protected documents via iCloud link;
  • Customizable alignment guides.

Maybe not everyone knows, but Apple has made the iWork download available for free for any Mac with OS X.

Download iWork for free, here's how to get it

iWork and iLife are now free for many users, but many are having trouble redeeming applications. Here's how to proceed and download at no cost even if you have bought the programs on DVD and you are having difficulty with the free download of the program.

If you have just purchased an Apple computer (fixed or portable), then a Mac with OS X, you can go to the AppStore to download iWork for free in an extremely easy and immediate way.

You have the right to have iWork for free on Mac but on the App Store do you see it for a fee? Restart your Mac with the English language as the primary language and you will have the opportunity to update for free.

Enter System Preferences, then Language and Zone. In the left window if the English language is not present as the main language, click on + and add it. A warning will come up saying that not all applications will be ready to use the new language. Click on Use English. Then reboot. Once your Mac has restarted, launch the App Store and the applications should be available for download as an Update. Download them. Once the download is complete, go back to System Preferences and then go to Language & Region; drag Italiano -Italian over English English Primary, or delete it with the – english button and then restart.

At this point the whole system, including new downloaded applications, will be in Italian.

If, once again, you are unable to download iWork for Mac for free, go here and download the program.

As mentioned, with the latest update, Apple has made the iWork download available for free, so download it absolutely legal.

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