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MPEG4 decoder from Sigma.

MPEG4 decoder from Sigma. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The demonstration that took place, during the keynote of the other day at QuickTime Live !, on behalf of the vice president of Sun, was based on Sigma Designs' EM8470 chip, which takes charge of the high compression of the MPEG4 video (1.5 Mbps) to be transmitted to the set-top-box via Ethernet. Sigma's MPEG4 decoder is the first available in its category. As we have already explained, MPEG4 is currently awaiting release even if QuickTime 6, which supports it, is ready for distribution. An economic clarification must come from the MPEG LA group involved in the operation, which insists on requesting 2 cents of a dollar for each hour of streaming of this type (in addition to the legitimate 2 million dollars requested from Apple, which for declared happy to honor any payment), at the present time it makes the diffusion of the standard complicated.

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