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MPEG-4 guest of honor at QT Live?

marzo 20, 2020

MPEG-4 guest of honor at QT Live? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

MPEG-4 support could be the "big" announcement of QuickTime Live!. To claim that the new and more recent implementation of the various MPEG standards that have made their appearance to date will be the guest of honor of the whole conference dedicated to QT that is about to open in Beverly Hills Rumor Mill, the column dedicated to the indiscretions of C / Net. The journalist (who writes in a style suspiciously similar to that of the "deceased" Mac The Knife) says that the main, and perhaps even the super secret, announcement that Cupertino would have in store would be the support of MPEG-4 by QuickTime 5.1.The news would be important because it would mean the finalization of a process that began long ago and that has gradually brought the two closer together standard to the point of giving rise to the "legend" according to which MPEG-4 is based on QuickTime. Recently those who manage the MPEG consortium and some experts have denied this thesis stressing that QT knows it is one of the elements on which MPEG-4 stands, but the fact remains that the release of a version of QT compatible with MPEG-4 would be a benefit for both standards.MPEG-4, in the intentions of promoters, which include giants of the reach of Cisco Systems, IBM, Kasenna, Philips Electronics and Sun Microsystems, destined to become the standard for digital video and for streaming on the Internet. Real Networks also recently announced that it is joining the standard. Only Microsoft remains out of it with its Media Player. Adoption as a universal standard could therefore bring great benefits to QT in its streaming version but also to its acceptance as an "integrated" player in various devices Apple had announced the support of MPEG-4 and demonstrated a development version of QT compatible with it last year at NAB. Since then, little has been known about the subject, which is also very delicate for Apple's strategies, which is increasingly engaged in the digital video sector.

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