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Moley, the first TRUE automatic food processor will arrive in 2017

Moley, a promising company specializing in the home automation sector, is preparing to launch its crowdfunding campaign in order to create the homonymous food processor, which we could consider the first REAL food processor.

Unlike today's so-called "robots", which necessarily require decisive human intervention, the kitchen designed by Moley is decidedly more futuristic and advanced: these are four key elements for an integrated kitchen with a unit consisting of two robotic arms, oven, hob cooking and touchscreen.

moley food processor

In this case human intervention reduced to a minimum: the user only has to choose the recipe and the two robotic arms will prepare and cook independently all the recipes already included in the Moley database, without the user having to intervene in any way, if not prepare the ingredients on the work surface.

moley food processor 3

Moley's robotic kitchen can also learn new recipes from other users by observing exactly the movements and perfectly replicating all the steps to make the recipe; the new dishes can then be uploaded to the database and shared with other users equipped with the Moley.

This new technology had already shown itself at last CES 2015 while cooking a soup: the prototype, although far from definitive, had shown fluid movements and the ability to replicate human movements.

Moley plans to launch its crowdfunding campaign next September; after a possible success, in 2017 the first commercial version of this interesting robotic kitchen should arrive on the market, which can be controlled not only by the integrated touch screen but also by the smartphone. Below is the introduction video of the project.