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Microsoft, a "big old man" behind the States

Microsoft, a "big old man" behind the States – logomacitynet1200wide 1

There is a big old man behind states that continue to pursue the search for a severe punishment against Microsoft and the big old man would have the appearance of Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle. Ellison himself would have pushed the attorneys of the States to seek an extremely punitive remedy; Ellison would be pushing for them not to "let go" of the grip. The thesis stems from the defensive board of Microsoft which officially exposes it in a memorial presented to the court. According to Microsoft, Ellison would have sent a mandate to Oracle vice president Ken Glueck to "help" the writing of a severe remedy that would later be presented as a result of state evaluations. "It is not surprising – they say to Microsoft – Oracle one of our most open and hostile competitors "Oracle issued a statement yesterday that, while not admitting the insinuation, does not directly reject it:" We believe that any action that aims to involve Oracle, at this point in the process, nothing else that a delaying tactic and do not turn to find an appropriate remedy for monopolistic conduct that then the central part of this case "We remember that States that do not adhere to mediation ask that the judge impose, among other things, the sale of a version Microsoft without Internet Explorer, meanwhile, again yesterday, Judge Kollar-Kottely announced that he will listen to Microsoft and The Department of Justice next March 4 in a hearing during which the two sides will be able to explain the terms of the agreement that ended the dispute between the two sides. It is not yet clear, however, if those who oppose the terms of the mediation will have the opportunity to present their positions. The hearing should precede a decision by the same judge on the merits of the mediation itself which could be rejected or approved.

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