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Maybe not everyone knows that …

Maybe not everyone knows that … – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Of the new GeForce4 now difficult to say something new. Even this site has talked about it very much now, illustrating technical and specific characteristics. To complete the picture, there are only a few curiosities about their computing power, curiosities that make us understand how many steps forward the graphics acceleration processors have made over the last few years. According to Nvidia, the new GeForce, which have a 0 circuitry , 15 microns, more miniaturized than that of the Athlons and the PPCs of Motorola and IBM, are capable of expressing truly amazing power. Just think that they would be able to "move" on the screen 100 dinosaurs with the same level of detail as those seen in Jurassic Park at 30 frames per second. When the film was released, the rendering capabilities of the machines that produced them, it was said at the time, was the best the 3D world could offer the world and it took months to design and animate those models. Not even eight years have passed since then and, theoretically, today anyone could be able to make those same animations at home, with a simple personal computer and in less time. Another detail that makes it clear what progress the graphics chips have made well illustrated by the news according to which a GeForce4 has greater computing power in terms of geometries than all 3dFX Voodoo 1 sold and added to each other. Even more amazing than the floating point calculation capacity of a single higher GeForce4 to that of all the computers available on the planet in 1985.

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