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MacVCD 3.2: to read VideoCD with Mac

MacVCD 3.2: to read VideoCD with Mac – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The software also allows you to control films that are recorded on multiple discs, managing the tracks, putting them in a row, allowing a selection or ejecting the CD when the film requires moving to the next disc. Here are the main features – Full optimized display screen even on very large screens – Automatic recognition of the VCD format and linking of files – Auto Play and Auto Eject (configurable in preferences) – Standard Mac interface easy to use with Movie Controller Bar and keyboard control – Track and Chapter selection (Track and Chapter) – Support for multitrack and karaoke soundtracks – Saving the movie on file

Version 3.2 adds: – Activation with voice command – Playback on a connected secondary monitor (even a TV if the Mac allows it) – Advanced film controls, including slow motion.

The cost of the software is $ 15 and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer's website where a demo version is also available. For more information see

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