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Logitech Pop Home Switch, one button controls the whole smart home

Logitech today announced a new device based on a single button, which allows you to facilitate the control of your connected home. Battezato Logitech Pop Home Switch proposed at the price of $ 99.99.

The same manufacturing company has admitted that the idea behind Logitech Pop Home Switch is to facilitate the control of all connected smart devices in the home, so that anyone can use them within their home walls, regardless of whether you have a smartphone and regardless of its associated application. As soon said.

Logitech Pop Home Switch 1200

The Logitech Pop Home Switch wall switch connects wirelessly to a Bluetooth hub which in turn connects to an electrical outlet and which allows users to activate up to three different functions with the press of a single button, depending on whether or not , double or triple.

A special application analyzes the local Wi-Fi network to find compatible devices and allows users to create single actions that include multiple functions for different devices. For example, a function called "morning" could be programmed to open the curtains and start playing a particular music playlist, with just one click of the button.

Logitech Pop Home Switch supports a range of smart devices for the home, such as Hue Phillips lights, Sonos speakers, LIFX bulbs, plus Lutron curtains, smart locks and more. The Starter Pack includes two wall buttons and a single hub, while additional Pop modules can be purchased to increase system flexibility. The base system is priced at $ 99.99, while additional switches can be purchased for $ 39.99 each.

The device works with iOS and Android; hyper-orders begin today in the USA, with shipments scheduled for the end of the month. In Italy the product is not yet listed on the official website.

Logitech Pop Home Switch