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Land on iTunes X-Plane Trainer for iPhone

The extraordinary work of a solitary genius, that is the man behind Laminar Research, the Texan Austin Meyer, is continuing at a fast pace not only on Mac and PC but also on iPhone and iPod touch. X-Plane Trainer is now out, the free demo version (with only one plane available, the Cessna 172) that allows you to run through all the regions available for the full version of X-Plane, and to use the same innovative engine three-dimensional that simulates the dynamics of real airplanes with a level of sophistication higher than almost all the other products for PC.

X-Plane Trainer probably the best business card to enter the complex world of offers created by Laminar Research: there are eight products available. It starts with X-Planner, software for planning flights that determines load and other parameters including onboard petrol, altitude and dominant winds to understand what times and consumption are necessary to reach different destinations.

Giant Fighting Robots a realistic combat system between mega-robots, which uses the same type of physical simulation that underlies the X-Plane models, while the fun Space Shuttle is a graphically extraordinary and technically highly advanced simulation of the orbital spacecraft simulation Shuttle. The nine minutes of the launch (up to 400 thousand feet high) and the 12 minutes of return from the orbit to Mach 10 from 200 thousand feet high, are simulated perfectly in real time.

The set of products for X-Plane, on the other hand, is very wide. We start with X-Plane 9, the real "complete" simulator, with large and small planes, to go to X-Plane Ariliner, which simulates the flight of the line giants, X-Plane Helicopter to fly some of the most modern and classics among the helicopters on the market, X-Plane Racing for a breathtaking race with sport planes specially set up up to X-Plane Extreme, where the most exclusive and extraordinary planes of military technology fly: F-22, B-1 , B-2, SR-71.

The thing that Austin Meyer is doing with systematic fury, in addition to expanding the range of products available on the iPhone which, apparently, are remarkably successful and bring a consistent cash flow to the Texan author, also the continuous updating of his work. The precise and meticulous Meyer has already made 10 free updates and others are planning, not only to correct the few bugs but to add real new features, giving even more depth to the flight simulation for iPhone and iPod touch (a real and just "unicum" on portable platforms) and asking for the contribution of users to understand how to innovate the new interfaces that are available.